Ashland Oregon, Fishing Guide

Ashland Oregon - Salmon, Steelhead, Rockcod, Halibut & more Fishing Trips

Ashland Oregon - Salmon, Steelhead, Rockcod, Halibut & more Fishing Trips

Ashland Oregon - Fishing Trips

Ocean & River Fishing Charters

There is nothing like a charter fishing trip to the ocean. Our charters offer you chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. Come join us.


For river fishing, you get to try your h& at catching salmon & steelhead. This fishing season starts in August & runs through to March, making it the perfect time for cool & comfortable charters.

Chetco River

Early November - Mid-December, Salmon Fishing, Mid-December -March, Steelhead Fishing. When you're interested in reeling in a 60-lb. salmon - 28-lb. steelhead, then this river is perfect for your fishing charter. Come aboard our drift boat & we'll take you on the Chetco River.

Rogue River

Early July, Salmon Fishing (Powerboat Only), Mid-August -Early September, Salmon Fishing, In the safety of our powerboat, you're able to reel in Springer salmon right at the point of the ocean & the Rogue River. USGS river level.

Umpqua River

Great Salmon & Steelhead fishing. March -June, Salmon Fishing, July -August, Fall Salmon Fishing, Mid-December -April, Steelhead Fishing (Drift Boat Only)

Coquille & Coos River

Great Salmon & Steelhead fishing. Late August -September, Herring & Salmon Fishing (Powerboat Only), December -March, Steelhead Fishing (Drift Boat Only)

Ashland Oregon - Fishing Trips

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