Chetco River Fishing, Chetco River,  Chetco River Fish, Fishing Guide, Oregon Chetco

Chetco River Fishing, Chetco River - Chetco River Fishing Guides

Chetco River Fishing, Chetco River,  Chetco Oregon
Chetco River Fishing, Chetco River,  Chetco Oregon

Chetco River Steelhead And Salmon Fishing
- Wild Rivers Area

For river fishing, you get to try your hand at catching salmon and steelhead. Southwestern Oregon’s rivers are known for excellent fishing for winter steelhead, a rainbow trout that fattens in the ocean like a salmon before returning to rivers from late fall through winter to spawn. This fishing season starts in August and runs through to March, making it the perfect time for cool and comfortable charters. Chetco River Steelhead And Salmon Fishing in the, Wild Rivers Area.

Chetco River Fishing
- Wild Rivers Area

Chetco River Fishing is the best fall Chinook and winter steelhead fishing in Oregon. The river rises in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, northwest of Chetco Peak at the junction of the Oregon Coast Range and the Klamath Mountains. It flows generally north, west, and then southwest, before emptying into the ocean between Brookings and Harbor, approximately 6 miles (10 km) north of the California state line. A truly scenic & beautiful place to spend the day fish. If you're interested in reeling in a 60-lb. salmon or 28-lb. steelhead, then this river is perfect for your fishing charter. Come aboard our drift boat and we'll take you on a great fishing trip in the, Wild Rivers Area

• Early November thourhg Mid-December - Salmon Fishing
• Mid December through March - Steelhead Fishing.

Chetco River Steelhead And Salmon
- Wild Rivers Area

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